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HOTEL RETLAW | PLAYER'S CLUB Sports & Gaming Tavern

Player’s Club will be a retro-style gaming and sports tavern, in a refined-casual setting, featuring an extensive array of classic board games, plus billiards and state-of-the-art televised sports.     The setting will offer a refined old-world ambiance reminiscent of a nineteenth-century English gentlemen’s club accented by tastefully inspired sports memorabilia. Classic Rock music, at subdued, unobtrusive volume, will serve as a backdrop.     The menu will showcase specialty burgers and premium steaks coupled with regional cuisines, such as bratwurst, Wisconsin’s soul food. Selections will feature local staples in addition to new market trends; a wide array of appetizers, flatbread pizzas, deli sandwiches, fresh salads, Wisconsin cheeses, complemented by classic cocktails, local craft beers, and wine-by-the-glass.

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