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The Rise of Lifestyle Branding in Travel


Guru of Luxury leader believes firmly in Lifestyle Branding

for the 'Boutique Luxury Hotel' travelers.


It's my belief by combining the Boutique and Luxury Lifestyle; you are offering guests access to a uniquely rich emotional connection which embodies the essence of their destination. Coupled with a warm and gracious luxurious ambiance that goes well beyond offerings of the past.

With a comprehensive knowledge of 20+ years of doing such at Biltmore Hotel, Miami-Coral Gables, Florida. I know the current lifestyle trending very well because I have already done and proven it's tremendous success.

So it's not complicated. Discerning travelers are easily satisfied by the best. As well, I believe 'Comfort is Luxury and Luxury is Comfort.'

Cheers, Yvonne

'Love Life, Work Hard & Be Kind.'

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