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As forever, we foodies are on a continuous culinary quest for the ‘Best of the Best,' not just for ‘Who’s Who’ chefs and restaurants flavor of the month trend. But the exceptional and dedicated Chefs de Cuisine of the world. These prominent chefs are very devoted and passionate about what they choose to serve their guests, and have enormous pride in doing so! Which in my belief this truly separates these cooks claiming to be celebrity chefs. And as many of us know, some do not have any formal training nor can they even use the title of chef, but what they do have clearly are a great publicist and the power of the media behind them. I have chosen not to name names, but these celeb cooks that toss and throw food at the audience like an uneducated child or convicts in a food fight, truly boggles my brain as to what excites some of the American audiences.

I must also make mention that I had the amazing good fortune from 1994-2013 to have directed and co-founded some many wonderful culinary experiences while being Director of The Cellar Club, Le Tour Des Toques program and three day annual weekend Wine & Food Festival, which raised more than $6 million for local charities over the years. This honored me the opportunity to have hosted stellar wineries, winemakers, national star chefs and 56 Michelin Star Chefs from France. They were fascinating global citizens with unbelievable palates, and I listened to them very carefully to what these Star Chefs and Top Winemakers had to say about their passions and dedication to their profession and tremendous success.

As we know with haute Chefs and their commitment to using local and seasonal ingredients in the daily menu evolves with precision. Whether it is locally sourced meats, produce picked that morning or whole fresh seafood flown in overnight from the sea, the menu centers on freshness, excellence and creativity.

So with all of that being said, please enjoy preparing some of the recipes provided on my blog. I had experience each dish and cooked along side my favorite foodies that are driven by flavors and cooking at home.


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