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Our Philosophy

Guru of Luxury

Enthusiastically Embracing Innovative Conceptual Design 

With a team dedicated to excellence and with deep pools of talent, Guru of Luxury' Hospitality Design & Development Firm' extensive experience involves boutique and historic properties hotels. The objective is to develop distinctive amenities and visuals, which embody our guest destination's essence, coupled with luxury customizations, timeless sophistication, and warm, gracious service. The term 'affordable luxury' is our company's niche, which translates with today's discerning travelers and travel professionals. Travelers are looking for an optimal price to quality balance when considering luxury hotel stays. 

A successful luxury hotel presents an unparalleled service level that attends to every waking—and deep sleeping—need, with luxurious bedding and premium bath products. Guests should find that every staff member shares a real passion for the establishment. The essence of each locale should permeate every detail of concept, design, service, and sensation. And programming should reflect the uniqueness of the property itself, further emphasizing the brand message.

Of equal significance in today's world is a responsible luxury experience, from the organic and biodegradable products to progressive conservation and recycling programs. Water conservation, reclaimed materials, native plants, biodegradable spa products, and amenities are just some of the environmentally-conscious elements we embrace. Eco-luxury travel is carving its place into the luxury travel market. As a result, forty-four percent of travelers choose to stay at "green" or environmentally conscious properties.

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