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Yvonne Roberts Looks to Put the Fun Back into

Food and Wine with her Chic New Cookbook


MIAMI, Florida – May 15, 2015 – Yvonne Roberts, a 20-year veteran in the hospitality industry, announced the upcoming release of her new cookbook, Chef’s Cookbook. Subtitled “Absolutely Chic, Perfectly Easy,” Chef’s Cookbook includes recipes and wine pairings, along with secret tips for creating the perfect entertaining atmosphere, getting the food just right, and presenting it all with impeccable manners. 


Ms. Roberts is a Miami native with a passion for food, wine, and entertaining influenced by her Chilean and Danish heritage. She has organized and hosted multiple events, both small and large, and is noted for developing and starting the Biltmore Hotel’s Cellar Club, which she led for nearly 20 years after its launch in 1995. The Cellar Club, a prestigious wine club, grew to over 2,000 members and expanded to national fame under Ms. Robert’s leadership, a nominee winning the James Beard Award for Wine Services in 2011. The Cellar Club was also named by Zagat as one of South Florida’s top-ranking wine lists in 2012. 


In addition to her role in bringing the Cellar Club widespread prominence, Ms. Roberts has hosted and worked alongside the world’s best Michelin chefs and National chefs from the USA; she has also hosted some of the finest winemakers and wineries in the world. 


“I have worked with Yvonne Roberts over the past 19 years, and her dedication, knowledge, and innovation are superb,” said Mel Dick from Southern Wine & Spirits of America. “Some of the most memorable wine events of my career with the greatest names in the industry took place under the guidance of Yvonne Roberts.”


Though an established guru in the luxury hospitality industry, Ms. Roberts also subscribes to the belief that food and wine are a gateway to some of life’s greatest pleasures and that there is no right or wrong approach to eating and drinking. In fact, her slogan is “Water separates the people of the world; wine and food unite them.” She has dedicated tremendous time and effort toward fundraising for those in need, raising over $6 million (through food and wine appreciation) for South Florida charities.


In her new cookbook Ms. Roberts combines breathtaking photographs with “simple, easy recipes anyone can make and enjoy.” Chef’s Cookbook presents recipes in the following categories: small plates and starters, seafood, meats, desserts, and drinks. Each recipe features detailed preparation instructions, serving ideas, and a suggested wine pairing. 


“I like to think of myself as a traditionalist with an avant-garde flair,” explained Ms. Roberts regarding the motivation behind Chef’s Cookbook. “I live a sophisticated lifestyle, but it must be deliciously relaxing too. When it comes to food and wine, I allow myself to escape into the flavors and ingredients to create unique dishes paired with amazing wines of the world. Dishes and flavors should jump off the page, further inspiring our own creative juices. Then stir with passion and plenty of love, and that’s a recipe for culinary hedonism at its best!”


Ms. Roberts plans to launch Chef’s Cookbook: Absolutely Chic, Perfectly Easy in April, 2015. She also plans to release a Spanish version of Chef’s Cookbook in 2016 as well.




To learn more about Yvonne Roberts and her Chef’s Cookbook (both English and Spanish versions), please use the following contact information:


Yvonne Roberts

6000 Indian Creek Drive, Suite 1801

Miami Beach, Florida 33140


'Water Separates the People of The World; Wine & Food Unites Them!'

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