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October 26, 2017

The Hotel Retlaw in Fond du lac, Wis., completed a redesign with Yvonne Roberts serving as the conceptual designer and creative director. Roberts worked with Wisconsin-based architectural firm Kahler Slater.

The Retlaw was originally designed in 1923 by American architect Herbert W. Tullgren.

For the renovation, Roberts paid homage to Tullgren's evolving styles of design, from Neo-classical revival to Art Deco. The design for the Grand Dame of Wisconsin was approved without a single revision by both the State and Federal Historic Preservation entities.

For the redesign, key elements include carved moldings, fine woodwork and custom-made furniture.

Roberts’ first foray into Historical Landmark properties happened 19 years ago, with Miami’s Biltmore hotel.

The Best Is Yet To Come...Opening 2017! Hotel Retlaw poised to be the 'WEDDING CAPITAL OF WISCONSIN' says Yvonne Roberts | Conceptual Designer - Creative Director

Guru of Luxury leader believes firmly in Lifestyle Branding

for the 'Boutique Luxury Hotel' travelers.

It's my belief by combining the Boutique and Luxury Lifestyle; you are offering guests access to a uniquely rich emotional connection which embodies the essence of their destination. Coupled with a warm and gracious luxurious ambiance that goes well beyond offerings of the past.

With a comprehensive knowledge of 20+ years of doing such at Biltmore Hotel, Miami-Coral Gables, Florida. I know the current lifestyle trending very well because I have already done and proven it's tremendous success.

So it's not complicated. Discerning travelers are easily satisfied by the best. As well, I believe 'Comfort is Luxury and Luxury is Comfort.'


'Love Life, Work Hard & Be Kind.'

Man’s Best Friend ...we know they’re not just another friend.

Pet-friendly hotels, including the luxury segment, are almost commonplace now. If pet owners can travel with their pet, they tend to stay on average an extra 2-3 nights per trip when they have their pet with them. With Fido in tow, they no longer feel the need to rush back home to get out of the boarding kennel.


Perched on a deck floating above turquoise waters, these spectacular accommodations feature see-through glass floors for ocean viewing, a Tranquility Soaking Tub, an over-the-water hammock for two and a private infinity pool for countless ways to enjoy the water.  NOW AVAILABLE! 

For travel starting November 15, 2016.

As the song goes 'Is This Love'  by Bob Marley & the Wailers on Legend.  

As I have promised my loyal followers... I will stay (under the radar) in the lap of what appears to be a slice of paradise and get back to you with my Debut Publication in 2017  'Absolutely Chic & Perfectly Easy Travel Destinations' by Yvonne Roberts.  Based on departures from Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Yvonne Roberts



Pair grilled or charred foods with wines that have been aged in oak (e.g. California Chardonnay). Because oaked wines are often more intense, they can overwhelm the flavors in a dish, so they need to be paired with foods that match that intensity. Grilled/charred foods tend to tame that oaky intensity and to bring out the fruit flavors of the wine instead.


Pair exotic spicy foods with wines that have some residual sugar (e.g. German Riesling or and off-dry Chenin Blanc). Residual sugar cools down the spice and creates a balance between the food and the wine. Alternatively, avoid pairing spicy food with highly alcoholic or tannic wine (e.g. Italian Barolo). The heat of the food will intensify the alcohol and the tannins in the wine, which in t...

Hotel Northland Media and City Official Reception

The unveiling of the Re-Envisioned Interior Design Renderings of Main Lobby and Crystal Ballroom by Guru of Luxury | Yvonne Roberts, Principal.


(3.4 miles from Lambeau Field)

By Yvonne Roberts

“I am honored to have this opportunity to work with the team bringing Hotel Northland back to its deserved place of prominence in the Green Bay community,” said Ms. Roberts when asked about her new role. Cheers! Yvonne


December 6, 2015


Interior Design + 3D Renderings

Connecting our Built and Unbuilt Worlds

The HOTEL NORTHLAND takes a bow!


'Guru of Luxury works extensively to value engineer all design elements, consistent with the company’s ‘affordable luxury’ niche. This cost conscious approach enables property owners an effective and practical means of providing the perfect luxury experience for today’s discerning travelers:,' says Yvonne Roberts, Principal

Hotel Northland opened in 1924 during an era of incredible social, artistic, and cultural excitement. Nicknamed the “One Million Dollar Hotel,” this remarkable place embraced the Roaring Twenties and all that happened during this unique time in history—jazz music blossomed, the Art Deco period peaked, and flappers redefined feminine style....

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December 25, 2019

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