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Yvonne Roberts | The Cellar Club



How fortunate was I in my early profession to have the owners of the Biltmore Hotel pitch me an approach for a wine club and then hire me as co-founder/DIRECTOR with only one directive. It’s all yours. Make it work and make it grow.


Instantly I had a vision for this goal. Of course, it did help that I began in the wine publishing industry as wine tasting coordinator and had connections with the most respected and finest in the business and friendships with worldwide collectors.' I knew that my audience would be knowledgeable and discerning. And to engage them in an annual guest based membership with my vision to make food and wine fun and not just another swirl and sip snooty event. I would have consistently to exceed their expectations and mine of course.


My initial year, I launched the club with the Inaugural Gala dinner with Remi Krug the proprietor of Krug Champagne, with a royal table setting (one long tables for all) of seventy guests. Since then, my membership grew to three thousand and I hosted hundreds of thousands of guests at my coveted culinary events.


The Biltmore graced my life. I was there day and night. Creating this organization kept me closely engaged with my very much-respected global collaborators in the Industry; such as Michelin and National Star Chefs and the most respected world-renowned wineries and winemakers. Collaborating together for hours on end our thoughts on flavors, wine pairings, obscure wines, new techniques, the importance of presentation and so on. We became trancelike in our thoughts of what was coming nest and how to improve what we have done in the past.


After thoughtful time and extensive conversations with this elite group. It allowed me the foresight to connecting and predicting the way our guests feelings in regards to their needs, wants, desires, expectations. Which enabled me to present precisely what the Biltmore Hotel elite staff in the hospitality field had to offer as the historical, Iconic, luxurious cutting-edge property it was.


So you can only image the fantastic journey I had and so appreciate very tenderly in my heart.






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